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There was an excellent Zoom conversation this week, from the Berkley Center at Georgetown, moderated by Paul Elie that included Marilynne Robinson, Michael Sandel, and Panjak Mishra. The focus of the conversation was Pope Francis' recent document "Fratelli Tutti." A listen might not provide answers, but some possibly relevant points.

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Repeating myself, but: I would dismiss the extent to which some leftists are at least unconsciously smart enough to understand that powerlessness is the only way to maintain absolute ideological and moral purity, especially if you tend to identify Virtue with the oppressed.

(I, contending with an actual and powerful Israel, cannot be the full-throated Zionist my father was in the 'National Democrat' Poland of 1935.)

Also: you really can't discuss paleo v. neo tension without mentioning the paleos' tendency toward Jüdenhaß, which beside making it nearly inevitable that they would come-up with a subversion/corruption narrative, led them to include any Jewish non-paleo conservative among the neocons even when this made no sense.

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